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Magical File Encrypt 1.1

Magical File Encrypt is a powerful tool to securely encrypt your sensitive Files
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Magical File Encrypt is a small, light-weight and powerful application which is developed to help its users protect their personal files. The software does some sort of encryption manipulations to make the files impossible to read without decrypting them. Thus the contents of your files are always protected even if they can be accessed. The files can be encrypted and a password can be set. The correct password is always needed to decrypt the file contents. Without knowing the correct password, it is impossible to decrypt or read the content of the files. The power and effectiveness of the Magical File Encrypt software is because it uses a 512 bits powerful and high speed cipher encryption. Another advantage of the software is that files of any size or any type can be protected using the Magical File Encrypt software including document files, media files and more. Magical File Encrypt gets easily integrated with the right-click context menu of the Windows Explorer which makes encryption and decryption of files easier and faster to implement.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • Strong encryption
  • Easy integration to right context menu


  • Not a freeware
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